January 2014


1.     Genres:  Essays, Fiction, Memoir, Novel Chapters, Creative Nonfiction, Plays, Poetry, Art & Photos     

2.     Mail:  E-mail your work to thewriterscircle@aol.com. If you prefer to mail hard copy, send to The Writers’ Circle, Inc. PO Box 9656, Warwick, RI 02889.  However, we do not return e-mail or hard copy submissions.

3.     E-mail as a word document attachment, only. Under subject, follow this format in caps:  YOUR FULL NAME: (GENRE?)   If you are submitting to one of our contests follow this format:  YOUR FULL NAME: CONTEST (GENRE?)

4.     Font:    Times New Roman

5.     Size:     12 .  Single spaced for stories. Adjust format for plays and poems.

6.     E-mail a cover letter with your contact information.  Include a note giving The Writers’ Circle permission to read the submissions.  List the titles you are submitting for publication.  If you prefer to send hard copy, mail to The Writers’ Circle, Inc.  PO Box 9656. Warwick, RI.  02889.  We do not return submissions but we do confirm arrival.

7.    Your submission is not a guarantee of publication or prizes.

8.    We promote the web site locally, nationally and internationally.

9.    The Writers’ Circle, Inc., does not pay authors, artists or photographers to showcase their works. Contributors agree to donate their work to be viewed.  In exchange for their artistic donation, they list contact information, studio events, a site to view and purchase their works.  All published works receive extensive publicity which includes: local and out of town press releases, advertising in Poets & Writers Magazine,   library posters, e-mail announcements, and an opportunity to run individual display or classified ads in professional magazines.

10.  Contest winners receive a modest financial honorarium and are published in the on-line magazine.


Fiction and nonfiction:  up to 3500 words.                                  
Flash fiction:  up to 1000 words.                                                   
Novel chapters:  up to 5000 words, a complete story.             
Plays:  up to 12 pages. A complete play.                                      
Poetry: up to 12 pages.                                                                    
Art: up to 6 images.                                                                            
Photography:  up to 6 images.    
The above list is considered ONE ENTRY.  Anything beyond these numbers is considered another entry.

FEE:  $12.00 for each entry. Pay to The Writers’Circle, Inc. Mail hard copy check to The Writers’ Circle, PO Box 9656, Warwick, RI 02889.

One month.

PRIVACY: E-mail is the primary means to communicate with authors and artists who submit their work, but it is not the only way.  Your contact information is strictly confidential and is not used or provided to others.  Authors of the work retain all rights. 

MORE INFORMATION: thewriterscircle@aol.com  or call 401-480-8672