January 2014

MAXINE DAVIDOWITZ New York NY.  Seeing The Light graces the front page of The Writers’ Circle online magazine.  We are indeed fortunate for Ms. Davidowitz’s stunning contribution to the mental health issue. Maxine has spent most of her professional life as a magazine creative director, for such publications as Redbook, Parents, TV Guide, Prevention, Health and More.  Since 2008, however, she has increasingly devoted herself to her first love, oil painting.

A series of works that began two years ago with an image of a young girl, seeming lost, semi-transparently set into a scene, has developed into a recurring theme.  More recently they’ve evolved into monumental images of young girls with natural forms woven into and around their faces, bringing to the work a new meaning—a  sense of the young girls’ power, inner strength and connection to the natural world.  Ms Davidowitz has shown regularly at the The Woodstock Artists’ Association, The Art Society of Kingston, Gallery Lev Shalem in Woodstock NY, and had her first solo show at 510 Warren Street Gallery in Hudson, NY. The artist is drawn to the mood created by the transparent blend of not-quite-solid-fragile-yet-powerful children merged with the stunningly beautiful natural world. See more of her work at maxinedavidowitz.blogspot.com or maxinedavidowitz.com.