January 2014

CYNTHIA GOLDBERG is a resident of Mashpee, MA on Cape Cod. She’s the author of A Tale of Two Cynthias: A Collection of Poetry & Art. She works at the Market Street Bookshop in Mashpee and volunteers for the Kiwanis Club. Her art work has been celebrated and exhibited by The Cape Cod Women’s Club, the Hyannis Chapter of the American Heart Association, and the Cotuit Center for the Arts. She studies art, music, and drama at the Cotuit Center for the Arts and performs in a troop called The Players. To purchase Ms. Goldberg’s book A Tale of Two Cynthias, go to www.cynthiagoldberg.com.

Photo by Barbara Oliver

A Poem about Myself

A poem about myself
Is always an adventure.
I love being me.
All parts about me
ou need to see.

Being me is wonderful.
I am a great person
And of many talents galore.

In every way, like ocean waves,
I feel smart right from the start,
And powerful too. It means a lot
to put in words how beautiful
I feel from the inside and out.

When flowers bloom in all colors of the rainbow,
I feel peace, happiness, and nature everywhere.
Feelings come from the heart and sing with dreams.

A Feel for Feelings

Feelings come and feelings go.
They spin like a clock.
They are circles going ‘round.

They give mixed emotions.
Sometimes there are sad, angry or happy ones.
People wonder if you are up, down, or all around.
It makes a difference if you are up and around
Like a top that spins
Or like circles of the wind.

Like the meaning of colors across a rainbow,
They shine through the air like crystals that glow.

A large disco ball has colors out there.
Each one has the sparks that we can all share.
They light every place and shine in your face.
They’re all very cool, like a big swimming pool.

Peace Creates Magical Wonders

Peace wanders as it moves around the room.
Hearing music in the background
Makes me feel calm, at peace, and wondrous.

Singing in the room,
Roses are like flowers that flow into the air,
With words in your head coming out to share.
It feels calming and relaxing to me.
It feels like emotions drifting to the shining sea.

I have Angel eyes watching over me.
See the world in motion.
Lift every voice.
Hear the words speak...
Love, nature, sounds at peace.

The world shows lives,
How we can learn from everywhere, clean silverware.
Like every moment we hear and speak the words so loud and clear.
Having a mind of your own is a strong and magical wonder.
I hear that “actions speak louder than words.”